About Us

Our Business was established in 1999 in Jakarta, at first we were engaged in the business of procurement of goods (General Supplier) and focused our business on procuring goods and supporting materials for large and small activities. In his business journey, he is supported by trusted businesspartners. Cricket Store Jakarta has expanded its business to become a provider of sports equipment and accessories in Indonesia. We have experience in providing sports equipment and accessories, especially cricket, hockey, etc. With a variety of world brands and high quality to individuals, private and government agencies throughout Indonesia.

Cricket Store Jakarta has collaborated with and supported many procurement activities for goods, services and others, both in Jakarta and several other regions in Indonesia, as well as several other countries, like Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Malaysia and Dubai . In running its business Cricket Store Jakarta always prioritizes good forms of cooperation and smoothness in the procurement of goods needed by the client. Because we are very aware that the continuity of our business really depends on the smooth running of ourwork and the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Core Values :

  • Customer satisfaction and feedback is our utmost concern and is the key to our success. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction.
  • To place great emphasis on training our in and out sales team to become experts in the market.
  • We make sound and informed decisions in the best interests of our clients, the environment and the sporting community.

Our Vision :

  • To become a classy and professional company in the industry and create value for employees and the company, in this case not only from the side of the business owner, but also expanded in a wider group.